1. THE ANTIAGING STORE will only supply Products under these Terms and Conditions, which are conclusive and non-negotiable. When you order, you are also requesting membership of our Private Members Club: $0.01/€0.01/£0.01 of your order pays for a year’s membership of The THE ANTIAGING STORE Private Members Club. We then deal with your product request as a member - so we are not dealing with the 'public'.
  2. Prescriptions are necessary where required by law, (also see item 14).
  3. The Buyer accepts full liability for the use of all Products and services supplied by THE ANTIAGING STORE. The Buyer assures they will only use Products under the guidance of their physician.
  4. The Buyer is completely responsible for the confirmation of their personal importation requirements. Certain products may not available where they are prohibited by law.
  5. The Buyer warrants that they hold THE ANTIAGING STORE free of any and all legal action and prosecution. This includes any entrapment procedures that may be perpetrated or attempted by law enforcement and government agents and/or their agencies.
  6. The Buyer affirms they are of legal age and capacity.
  7. THE ANTIAGING STORE is not held responsible for any losses in the mail, unless the Buyer requested and purchased an insured service (see item 15).
  8. Courier services for Product shipments are NOT recommended and will only be undertaken if the Buyer has an account with the carrier and has met THE ANTIAGING STORE disclaimer paperwork requirements. All charges including freight and taxes must be met on the Buyer's carrier account, including all return costs if the Products have to be returned to THE ANTIAGING STORE. Note: A charge of US$15 is levied for completion of courier paperwork.
  9. In the event of the Products being detained by a foreign Customs authority, the Buyer must provide evidence to THE ANTIAGING STORE for their confirmation of importation, i.e. a prescription and copies of communication with Authorities etc. In such an event the Buyer should contact THE ANTIAGING STORE before committing to any course of action, including the return of any Products. If Authorities retain the Products, the loss rests with the Buyer- unless the buyer requested and paid for a registered shipping service. In the event that the Products are returned by Customs, then when the Products are received at THE ANTIAGING STORE they may be reshipped again, or be subject to a Product(s) Credit Note or Refund as per the conditions in section 12. Also note ‘insurance guarantees’ in item 15.
  10. If the Buyer adjusts an Order before the Products are shipped then the adjustments will be accepted, (providing there is no financial difference, otherwise only Products Credit Note(s) for other Products may be issued). A part refund request by the Buyer is subject to the conditions in section 12. Also note ‘insurance guarantees’ in item 15.
  11. If the Buyer wants to stop or adjust an order after payment has been processed, but before the Products have been shipped, it is subject up to a US$50 charge. To be clear the credit card will be fully refunded. However please note: THE ANTIAGING STORE reserves the right to charge a rehandling fee of a minimum of $50 which must be paid before doing business with this member again.
  12. If the Buyer wishes to return Products, (except under the circumstances in section 13 of the THE ANTIAGING STORE terms and conditions), then as long as the Products are sent by the Buyer within 14 days of receipt and received by THE ANTIAGING STORE in a good, unopened, resalable condition with an expiry date more than 12 months validity, a Product Credit Note can be issued, (less charges for shipping). If the Buyer requires a full or part refund then a 50% restocking fee is applicable, (applied only to Products, not shipping, handling or taxes which are non-refundable) or a minimum of US$50, whichever is the greater. To be clear the credit card will be fully refunded. However please note: THE ANTIAGING STORE reserves the right to charge a rehandling fee of a minimum of US$50 which must be paid before doing business with this member again.
  13. If THE ANTIAGING STORE has shipped the wrong Products or Products have arrived in a damaged condition due to incorrect packaging. The package and Products must be returned to THE ANTIAGING STORE for inspection (Contact THE ANTIAGING STORE before undertaking any action). If the fault is identified and agreeable, THE ANTIAGING STORE will reship the Products a second and final time. A refund is subject to the conditions in section 12.
  14. If Buyer, or other, places an Order that requires a prescription and then fails to supply a valid prescription or complete the process within 30-days, then THE ANTIAGING STORE reserves the right to cancel the Order and refund the order less a fee of US$50.
  15. THE ANTIAGING STORE will only ‘guarantee’ a delivery if the Buyer has requested and purchased an insured method of shipping(see section 16). Under such circumstances, if after 30-days of non-receipt after the shipment date, then THE ANTIAGING STORE will reship a second and final package at no additional charge. Note: The customer should inform THE ANTIAGING STORE after 21-days of non-receipt (from the date of shipment) that a package is missing so that the search procedure may be instigated.
  16. An insured shipment is only valid on the order that is placed and paid for at the same time and cannot be transferred to any earlier or later placed orders/ shipments. The maximum value of each insured order is US$1000 and it covers the cost of a second and final shipment (as per section 15) of any lost order, or part of the lost order, (where orders are shipped in more than one package) providing the value does not exceed the value of the insurance. Alternatively, rather than a reshipment, a credit note to the value of the product loss can be issued instead.
  17. THE ANTIAGING STORE does not offer medical advice; all information is supplied on an educational basis and should not be construed to replace that of a physician's. All translations are offered on a best effort basis. Any opinions stated are not necessarily those of THE ANTIAGING STORE. Where applicable, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information for research and educational purposes.
  18. THE ANTIAGING STORE reserves the discretion to alter methods of shipments or to refuse Orders.
  19. Other conditions that are not covered in these Terms and Conditions will be determined by THE ANTIAGING STORE exclusively and THE ANTIAGING STORE Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.



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