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    Sildenafil PRO contains the same ingredients as Viagra SALE - WAS $19.99 EXPIRY APRIL 2019 10 x 100mg tablets  SILDENAFIL-PRO is a phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor. It relaxes the blood vessels in the penis, allowing blood to flow into the penis when you get sexually excited. SILDENAFIL-PRO is a treatment for men with erectile dysfunction, sometimes...
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    WAS $49.99 NOW $29.99 Short Expiry: September 2019 20ml/20mg Nasal Spray Just one or two sprays daily help produce a natural all over tan, without the need to expose the skin to direct sunlight or to have injections. MSH2 Also: Increases libido Works synergistically with the other hormones to rejuvenate cells and organs Contains melanocyte stimulating...
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    60ml Bottle with Spray MinMax-Pro™ is the latest topical treatment to help improve the condition of alopecia (hair loss) and stimulate new hair growth.
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    ON SALE WAS: $24.99 50% OFF! 60 x 250mg Capsules Expiry May 2019 Centrophenoxine is a Nootropic or smart drug used to treat senile dementia particularly Alzheimers disease, memory problems and cognitive decline, although it also has many other therapeutic benefits. It has been proven to increase brain power in older people, improve longevity and create an...
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    WAS $19.99 NOW $9.99 50% Off!  60 x 30mg Tablets Expiry March 2019 Combining the power of energy supplements and cognitive enhancers with a potent antioxidant treatment, Idebenone offers a multitude of antiaging benefits. If you are looking to increase brain power and combat free radical damage, Idebenone is a simple and effective treatment to rejuvenate...
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